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About us

Assomusica is the association of producers and organizers of live music shows, founded in 1996, that acts as a hub for cultural and creative organizations in the industry all across Italy, with an emphasis on small and medium businesses. Over time, Assomusica has established itself as a qualified organization that represents the professionals working in this industry, within the production and promotion of live shows, concerts, cultural events, festivals and contemporary popular music events.

Aims and functions

The aim of the Association is to promote and foster live music, with a special focus on contemporary Italian pop music, and live shows, both in Italy and abroad.

It is constantly active in raising awareness and establishing the cultural, social, and civic value of live music, with the goal of helping organizations in the industry achieve a treatment that is, on every level including the fiscal aspect, equal to that of other cultural forms.

It is committed to planning and implementing actions that aim to identify, promote, and support young talents and internationalization activities. It is essential to the Association to seek and fund solutions and projects for the creation of new multipurpose spaces for contemporary music.

Assomusica is the main interlocutor for Italian Bodies, Institutions, Universities, public and private organizations, alongside which the Association establishes and fosters contacts, and creates networks and collaborations that validate and develop the industry.

Assomusica is also recognized as the Italian representative for live music in the European Union. It has been acknowledged as one of the most important organizations in Europe with regards to the topic of security; since 2017, it is a permanent representative at the European Commission in the Forum on the Protection of Public Spaces within the field of Entertainment and Mass-gathering Events.

The Association addresses issues and topics relating to the categories of agents, promoters, producers of music shows, and to all the people who work in related fields; the aim is to acknowledge and validate these professions by implementing definite rules and regulations and establishing a professional registry.

The Association provides consultancy and support around economic, labor-related, fiscal, legal, legislative, and safety and security matters for the planning, technical organization and logistics of events and shows.

It hosts scientific and cultural events, conferences, conventions, awards, and publishing initiatives that support its associational purposes.

Assomusica has also adopted a code of ethics and a document by the title "Regulations and Roles for live shows in Italy": these documents establish the rules of conduct that aim to promote high-quality professional ethical standards within the entire category towards audiences, artists, the general public, legislators and institutions.

Assomusica is an association with legal personality recognized under Presidential Decree No. 361 of February 10, 2000.

Since 1997, Assomusica is a part of the Associazione Generale dello Spettacolo (Agis), and since 2018 it is affiliated to CONFCOMMERCIO and since 2019 to Coordinamento Impresa Cultura Italia - CONFCOMMERCIO.