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ASSOMUSICA AND ELMA Are taking part in the “Music Moves Europe” project and launch an appeal to the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker

An important commitment to facilitate relations and culture between various European countries, to achieve a free circulation of young artists and stimulate creativity

Wednesday 14 February saw the approval of the project financed by the European Parliament and promoted by the Culture Commission, the Directorate General for Education and Culture and the main European stakeholders. Tibor Navracsics, President of the Culture Commission, set out the guidelines in five points and outlined the scenario for the prompt approval of a law on music. He also pointed out that Italy is the only European country with a music platform. Assomusica, the leading Italian culture association at the European level, Elma (European Live Music Association) and the main European associations that work in music, have committed to undertaking the most suitable actions to support the work of the Commission and of the Directorate General for Education and Culture.

The project, called “Music Moves Europe”, supported by 30 European associations, will be allocated a budget of 1.5 million Euro to begin the preparatory phases for a specific law on music, similarly to the process undertaken for the audio-visual law.

The European Union is focusing on music and culture and this is where we must step in, along with the major European music associations, with whom we have worked for two years. – comments the President of Assomusica, Vincenzo Spera, who adds – The appeal for Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, renders our work operational in order to promote the projects and encourage the circulation of young artists across Europe as well as stimulating creativity”.

The music sector in Europe is very dynamic, with a significant contribution to employment and growth: it accounts for 1 million jobs and over 25 billion Euro in turnover. The sector is in good health and eager to expand, but it must overcome certain important challenges.

“The music sector met in Brussels, invited by the European Commission. Together we are preparing the launch of "Music Moves Europe", a pilot project adopted by the European Parliament to promote ideas and projects and that could be replicated on a large scale within the programs of the European Union. Seizing the opportunity provided by this event, the European music associations from across the continent, join together in asking the European Union to include a music program within the next long-term financial budget”, states the appeal signed by the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

The musical ecosystem must adapt to a rapidly evolving environment. One of the most important challenges is satisfying the appetite of European citizens for culture and diversity, as part of their cultural rights.

Being able to guarantee that the broadest variety of music can circulate and reach its public and that the artists and the European citizens are encouraged to express their creative freedom fully, is extremely important.

The preparatory action is designed as a first step towards overcoming a gap in the current cultural policy of the European Union. The next step is a tailor made European music program with a budget that reflects its economic, social and cultural contribution.

Amongst other things, a legitimate music program will contribute to triggering larger investments in the sector, increase the diversity and mobility of the artists and the repertoire across national and European borders.

Attachment: appeal

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