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Tim Music Awards 2022. the President, Vincenzo Spera, presents the Assomusica award to Ultimo and thanks the audience and the operators of the live show.

The delivery of the Assomusica Special Prize, "Diamante Ticket - Stadiums 2022" was held on Saturday 10 August 2022 during the Tim Music Awards, at the Arena di Verona. The Prize was awarded by the President of Assomusica, Vincenzo Spera to Ultimo.

Here are the words of the President: "Good evening, it is a pleasure to see you all again. However, I'd like this award for all of us live music promoters to be your award, to be shared not only with the people who are here tonight but with the millions of spectators who have confided in us throughout these three awful years. And I'd also like to say that it hasn't been easy to be able to keep our word and make sure that all concerts and shows could be held, and this is thanks to the artists, the promoters, the producers, all the workers who have made it possible for us to enjoy, experience our emotions and rediscover the pleasure of being together. Thanks again Verona"

Click HERE for the video of the award ceremony.