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One of the educational and vocational priorities of NIMPEs project deliverable concerns the mapping of current live music production sector needs, in very different EU member countries, and more precisely, to gather concrete evidences of common problems but also of innovative practices, as to form a micro-model of sustainable solutions for the European Live Music sector.

In this direction, NIMPE Initiative deliberately operates as an umbrella network between national Music “Clusters and communities of practice”, gathering public and private organisations data, comments and suggestions.

Through mapping, interviewing, meetings and webinar activities, the results gathered will enable NIMPE partners to provide data for policy resolutions, to emphasize on common solutions and support the development of common tools for European Music Producers.

Technopole Quimper-Cornouaille, the French partner, leads the key research activity. It has a wide expertise in supporting the creation of new innovative businesses, networking the actors from enterprises/research/stakeholders to let innovative projects emerge. It has been involved in several projects related to Creative and Cultural industries, in which it sensitized the sector to innovate, and supported them in their innovation strategy and projects.

The pilot phase of the research will start by the identification of technical information and best practices useful for music industry to help them in their project development, market access and innovation.

Information and data collection will focus in 3 main axes:

  1. mapping of the wider live music sector
  2. Sharing of knowledge (event production chain process)
  3. Development of innovative & sustainable solutions for the future of the European industry

Mapping & research approach:http://nimpe.eu/newsite/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/mapping.png 300w" sizes="(max-width: 270px) 100vw, 270px">

  • Each NIMPE partner organisations will contribute to this inventory that draws a common base of knowledge.
  • Targeted professional sectors are music producers, music organisations (with economic issues), enterprises and doesn’t encompass individuals/artists at this stage.
  • This collection will identify
    • Best Practices, Interesting initiatives on local/regional areas or interesting organisation/SME in music sector / innovation
    • Country music profile with the Regional strategies and territorial dynamics on music production (Identikit)
    • Music production funding /funding opportunities (Vademecum)

Finally, all data and outcomes of this work package will be published as an online and paper workbook covering all music producers’ in the “NIMPE Workbook” with the purpose of training target groups, support networking opportunities and implementing live music co-productions.

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